Franko's Maps  Fabulous maps of favorite places.          

Please visit Franko on-line.  The owner is a wonderful friend to ORCA. You can purchase Franko's Maps at boating and recreational stores.  Or if you like, you may purchase Franko's Maps from our booth by attending our festivals.  Franko contributes the proceeds from your purchase at our booth to ORCA.


Please visit them at 5145 East Los Angeles Ave., Simi Valley, CA.  While purchasing  food and drink items please remember to thank the management and staff for their support of our Ventura County marine  mammals !



Please remember to register, at no cost to yourself, with!  Every time you use your credit, supermarket club card or ATM card you could be helping ORCA.  ORCA's Group ID is #149031069.  Please use this number when you sign up.       


You can help ORCA by donating your unwanted used cars, trucks, RV's, airplanes or even a boat online or by calling 1-800-456-5517.  IT'S EASY. You don't have to do anything except fill out some simple paper work.  Vehicle Donation to Any Charity (V-DAC) will handle the rest and it's a totally free service to the donor and to ORCA.

IT'S TAX DEDUCTIBLE.  You are entitled to an itemized tax deduction of the fair market value of your vehicle.  It can be worth more to you than the dealer offers in trade in.










 Franko's Maps





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